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Top Ten Questions

OCA Accreditation

Read about what it takes to be considered “accredited” by the Ontario Camps Association: The process and and the standards required by camps


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Parents: Top 10 Questions Ask The Camp

Below are the top 10 questions parents should be asking the Camp, listed on the OCA. We’ve included our answers to these questions and the OCA links to each section pertaining to the standard. These are not the only standards, but part of being an accredited member of the Ontario Camps Association is maintain the standards they set. Check out the questions and answers, and if you still have uncertainties or are having a difficult time finding information, you can always give us a call, email or contact us!

1. What are the qualifications of your camp staff?

Our staff are all certified with a current, recognized First Aid and/or CPR certificate. Our staff are screened through an application, interview, and reference process as well as trained during our pre-camp season, on-site, prior to the start of each summer. Staff are trained on a variety of skills such behaviour management, program planning and delivery, and emergency procedures.

2. What are you camper to staff ratios?

Each cabin-group is comprised of 10-11 campers and 2-3 staff. Generally, younger cabin-groups are afforded the priority of a third camp counsellor assigned to their cabin before the older campers. As such, our average ratios are between 1:4 and 1:5.

3. What methods do you use to ensure effective supervision?

In addition to staff training pre-season, our primary activities involve an activity leader in addition to our camp staff. Activity leaders are present during large-group programming, arts and crafts, archery, canoeing, and swimming. During camp-staff delivered activities, staff are encouraged to used developed skills in effective scanning, proximity, and engagement, and pre-emptive problem solving to curb any safety issues and maintain constant supervision on campers at all times. In addition, all of our campers are required to be supervised at all times.

4. How does the camp deal with dietary restrictions?

We make every effort to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies with an alternative meal without compromising nutrition. It is encouraged to be as specific as possible when filling out your child’s forms regarding any specific dietary requirements or allergies and viable alternatives. If your child has a particularly unique set of dietary restrictions, we encourage you to communicate with us prior to your child attending camp in order to afford us the opportunity to effectively accomodate your child. Rarely, we have asked parents to provide meal components for us to keep on site to ensure the child’s needs are being met.

5. What methods does your camp have for communicating with parents regarding issues and emergencies?

Our primary method of communication with parents from the camp is by telephone, which is reserved for camp business and emergencies.

6. Does your camp have one or more of the following staff on site at all times:    licensed physician, registered nurse, registered practical nurse or certified first aider?

Every staff member hired for the season is required to have a current First Aid or CPR certificate, a copy of which is provided to the camp office and kept on file. We have a Health Care Aide on site, who is a student in a registered and recognized university or college nursing program.

7. Do you follow the Canada Food Guide for meals?

We make every effort to follow the Canada Food Guide when preparing meals for our campers and staff.

8. How are the campers supervised at night?

After campers go to bed, staff members patrol the cabin exteriors in close proximity, being vigilant and aware of any noises or issues within the cabins. After staff curfew, at least one same-gendered camp counsellor (generally the one assigned to the cabin group) will sleep in the cabin until morning.

9. What certification do Waterfront/Pool staff have and what certification do you offer for campers?

Our lifeguards are certified through the National Lifeguard Standard (NLS) and have a current certificate on file. Unfortunately, we do not offer certification to campers at this time.

10. What are the camp’s written policies on payments and refunds?

All payments and balance owed are required to be received by head office no later than two (2) weeks prior to the start of the child’s camp date. We provide refunds of all payed funds up to and including two (2) weeks prior to the start of the camp date, minus a $25.00 administrative fee. After the two week portion, we are not able to offer refunds.

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