Camp Vincent  

St. Vincent de Paul Camp, est. 1971

  A Summer of Fun, a Lifetime of Memories!


The Jungle Run

3, 2, 1… RUN!!!!! Join us for a week of adventure and treasures. This week we will join the Great Ulmac as he guides campers in their search for the Ruby Monkey! Though not everything may be as it seems, as the Great Pharaoh Balthazar, has awoken from his thousand year slumber and stands in our way, as he tried to use the great powers of the ruby monkey for unspeakable evils. Join us for an adventure, where campers get the opportunity to travel to faraway lands, explore ancient temples and perhaps even make a few friends along the ways, as we embark on our quest to stop Balthazar, and save camp from certain doom!

Star Wars: Return of the Camp

A Long time a ago at a camp not so far away, there was a hidden power that only a certain person, with a very polished set of skills could master. This power was known as the Force, and those who wield this power, they were known as the Jedi. Join us as we attempt to unlock this ancient power, and help rescue our long time rivals, Camp Princeton, as they have been taken over by the darkside. Though not all (New) Hope is lost!! The ever powerful brother to both Camp Vincent’s own Gaga and Camp Princeton Head Director, Lala, has volunteered to help save his sister and her campers, and finally restore peace to the galaxy. So pack your bags and get ready for the intergalactic journey of a lifetime.

July 10-15

Around The World

Check 1,2, check check, is it working? Perfect! Calling all singers, actors, dancers, painters and artists of all kinds, you’re going to Hollywood! Your dreams of becoming a music sensation are finally coming true as you attend the Camp Vincent’s very own battle of the bands! You will be joined by two veteran Music stars as they help you climb your way to the top! Campers can look forward learning some sweet dance moves, decorating the big stage, and just plain rocking out and having a good time, as this week has a little something for every member of the band. No need for backstage passes, you’re the star of the show, so pack your bags and warm up those singing voices because your shot at fame is just around the corner.

Camp Vincent, 15142 Longwoods Rd. Bothwell, ON N0P1C0 (226)626-3137

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