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St. Vincent de Paul Camp, est. 1971

  A Summer of Fun, a Lifetime of Memories!

Staff Testimonials

Testimonials From Our Staff!

Work. Play. Live.

Below are testimonials from a variety of past staff members. We have chosen to list their camp nicknames simply because it is a large part of camp culture and this is how most people know our staff!

“This job provided memories and experiences that will last a lifetime, whether it was having 60 boys camping in the woods around one glorious campfire, using a 50 foot slip ‘n slide, or making new friendships that will last for years.”  Giggulz


“A Job at Camp Vincent is like no other, it’s literally a group of about 30 staff, coming together to make the most memories possible for the kids. As a camper or as a staff member you learn so much about yourself, just in 1 summer. At Camp Vincent, you keep going because at the end of the day you know that what you do changes lives for the good. The best and easiest way to sum it up is; “We don’t do this for the money; we do this because we love it, the money is just a nice addition” You gain friendships that last a life time regardless if it’s a decade at camp or going for the first time as a CIT. Camp is a legend of it’s own; no one has to be normal there. You just let you be you and follow your gut all the time. Camp is where you gain a second family, and have the emotional rollercoaster of a life time.”  Zucker


“Camp is where anyone can be a someone just by being themselves. It’s a place where people get to play, laugh, and sing and not be judged. As long as there’s a summer and Camp Vincent I’ll be able to find happiness.”  Faün


“Camp is…a magical place. You come here being plain, old you and transform into a princess, a video game character, a holiday icon, or a superhero. You show up nervous and unsure, but leave feeling more sure of yourself than you have ever felt in your life. A bunch of strangers are now your family…people to live, laugh, and love with. You finally found your place in the world…it is in the middle of nowhere Ontario, but it is everywhere to you. It is a place of acceptance, understanding, laughter and silliness…a place to release your inhibitions. Camp is a place to find yourself…whether you even realize that you lost yourself. Camp isn’t just a place…camp is a feeling. “Home is where the heart is, and my heart is at camp!”  Toots!e


“Camp is where you can meet new friends and make a new family one that will always be with you!”  $Too-Pay$


“Working here not only brings out my inner-child, but has helped develop so many different skills for both in and outside of the camp atmosphere. Camp is a place where you forget about what people think and you just be you. When you work here, you embrace the weirdness and because of that, some of the best friendships and memories are made that you will never forget.”Mort


Camp Vincent isn’t just the place where I work. It’s the only place in the world I can be my complete self, and completely happy. Being able to make even one kids day better is just the best feeling to me. Camp Vincent has made me a better person. Working there has taught me a lot about myself and I wish everyone could have that experience. Beaut-E


“The summer of 2012-2013 was life changing. To be able to go from being a shy boy afraid of social situations to a confident young adult willing to take leadership roles over the course of two months is absolutely astounding. Camp Vincent is so much more than a job, and I am sure that all of my co-staff will agree. To be able to watch children grow over the course of a week and just have an absolutely fantastic time is one of the most amazing feelings. Camp is the one place on Earth where you can escape reality and let your imagination take over. It doesn’t matter who you are, because either way you will become part of a family, campers and counselors alike.  ToTo


“Camp is happiness. Camp is unique. Camp is life changing. Camp is where you find yourself. Camp is home. Camp is a place where you can escape reality for a little while and meet amazing people from all over. You gain friendships that are unbreakable, you meet amazing leaders, amazing role models, and family. Camp showed me happiness again. There’s nothing more rewarding then seeing your campers smile and say see you next year. To hear someone scream Geo and be greeted with a hug from a camper you thought would forget you. Truth is, you can’t always be a superhero, but you can change peoples lives in just a week. Camp Vincent has been my super hero the past two years. It’s home.”  Geo


“Camp” can be defined as… Verb:

-Live for a time in a camp, tent, or camper, as when on vacation.

My definition of “Camp” ,being someone who was a long time camper and employee, is a spot in the middle of the forest where time stands still, where children forget how long a week is and learn what Friendship is, where the employees learn just as much from the kids as they teach them. Camp to me, is the place i found the lessons in life that i could find no where else. i am better because of it. ill never forget or regret it. The Definition of “Camp” is: pure and true happiness living in the moment without worry.  BoNkErZ


“For the past three summers I have had the privilege of working at Camp Vincent. Every year was different, yet coming back from camp at the end of each summer I felt whole again. As counselors we attempt to make a difference in the lives of our campers week by week. But in reality, it is the campers who change us. Not only do they provide insight for us into the mind of a child, but they allow us to find our inner child and become like them again. They also teach us that it is okay to show who you are and have fun with it. For many people, counselors and campers alike, camp is where they found themselves. I know I did.”  Scrunchy


“When a camper asks me what I get paid, I respond with “sunshine and smiles”… it’s true! Camp is a place where you can be silly, feel included, build friendships, and challenge yourself to something you have never done!  Roo


“Camp… You cant really put it into words, its more of a feeling. Camp is a place that anyone can find acceptance regardless of anything. It’s a place where everybody can realize that they are somebody, and where making friends becomes as natural as breathing. It’s a place that turn always turn a smile into an even bigger one. It’s a place of refuge from growing up, and everyone can act like a kid again. A bad day at camp will always beat a good day anywhere else, camp IS magic and always will be.”  Pöe


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