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St. Vincent de Paul Camp, est. 1971

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Program Director

 Program Director

For individuals aged 18 yrs or older (by July 1st) who are interested in expanding the experience of over 700 children of varying ages with highly imaginative and creative storylines, characters and immersive themes.   Current Standard First Aid and CPR-C is required and NLS an asset.

This individual should be creative, open-minded, energetic, outgoing, and have a passion for children, imaginative programming, and experience \ comfort in larger-scale game and program design, creation, and management.


We are searching for an individual with a passion for children’s games on a larger scale, children, and the outdoor camp atmosphere!  If you are committed to being an extremely strong leader in our camp, exposing children to various immersive themes, characters, and storylines, as well as providing campers with an exhilerating and unique experience, you are the perfect candidate for this position!

This position requires someone who has sufficient experience and comfort working with large groups of children (50-100) in an unsupervised setting, preferably in outdoor situations.  Experience and current enrollment in or completion of a program relating to teaching, outdoor programming, or children in larger groups is considered a strong asset.  The candidate should have sufficient experience in large-group management, leadership with both children and staff, and experience in game, activity, and program design. Experience in drama, acting, and story creating is a strong asset.

How to Apply


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