Camp Vincent  

St. Vincent de Paul Camp, est. 1971

  A Summer of Fun, a Lifetime of Memories!

Pricing and Rates

Voluntary Tier Program for Families

As of 2014, Camp Vincent has established a voluntary tier payment program. We recognize that different families have different abilities to pay. The tier payment system allows families to choose the tier that best suits their financial situation while letting everyone know the true cost of sending a child to summer camp as well as how to help support Camp Vincent for the future. You may choose the tier that is most suitable to your family’s ability to pay.


What do the different tiers mean?

  • Tier 1 … is our historically subsidized rate and does not reflect the true cost of operating summer camp programs
  • Tier 2 … is our partially subsidized rate for those who can pay a little more. This rate more closely covers the cost of a week at camp, but does not accommodate for future projects or maintenance.
  • Tier 3 … more closely accounts for the true cost of camp and includes a small additional amount for future projects and maintenance.


Tier 1 – $350.00 

Tier 2 – $395.00 

Tier 3 – $495.00 




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