Camp Vincent  

St. Vincent de Paul Camp, est. 1971

  A Summer of Fun, a Lifetime of Memories!

Dates, Sessions & Themes

Dates and Themes for Summer 2022 

Camp Session Ages Date Theme Theme Description
Open Co-ed 1  6-15 July 10-15 Around the World Travel to different parts of the world and experience the culture through game, art, food etc.
Open Co-ed 2  6-15  July 17-22 Minecraft Help Steve build shelters, find food and avoid the creepers.
Open Co-ed 3  6-15 July 24-29 Training for the Camp Vincent Olympics A mixture of summer games and a summer take on winter games, which cabin will take home the gold.
Pee Wee 6-9 Aug 2-5 Where the Magic Happens * Encanto * Explore the magic powers of the Madrigals and help Mirabel save the Encanto.
Open Co-ed 4 6-15 Aug 7-12 Into the Wild West Activities related to cow folk vs. Bandits.
Jr. Co-ed 6-11 Aug 14-19 Avengers Assemble Participate in basic training to become an Avenger to help Iron Man and his team save Camp Vincent.
Intermediate Co-ed 12-15 Aug 21- 26 Cast Away Stranded on a deserted island we must find food and shelter and find our way back to civilization.

Each week of camp, except for Intermediate Coed, we provide some Leadership Training to those campers aged 14 & 15 who are interested in improving their leadership skills and may be interested in working at camp at some point in the future.  These campers will still have the full camp experience but there will be some additional sessions during the week that focus on leadership training. During Jr. Coed, up to 20 LITs will be accepted to take part in our Advanced Leadership Training.


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