Camp Vincent  

St. Vincent de Paul Camp, est. 1971

  A Summer of Fun, a Lifetime of Memories!



​Canoeing can be a wonderful and unique bonding experience with those you are paddling with. A firm test of team work and communication, canoeing teaches campers cooperation and problem solving skills. Nothing quite compares to a group who discovers how to effectively control their canoe around their pond. Certainly a memorable experience!
Campers will have the opportunity several times during the week to learn and practice canoeing techniques. Canoeing instructions are delivered by our on-site lifeguards. All campers are equipped with fitting life jackets and paddles. Canoeing takes place in our enclosed pond and is supervised at all times by our lifeguards and camp staff.
Our spacious pond is approximately 6 feet deep at it’s deepest point, which affords plenty of depth for practice without the dangers of open water. Campers have plenty of opportunity to explore in their canoes without risking safety!

Camp Vincent, 15142 Longwoods Rd. Bothwell, ON N0P1C0 (519)695-2404

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