Camp Vincent  

St. Vincent de Paul Camp, est. 1971

  A Summer of Fun, a Lifetime of Memories!


Camp Life

Camp Vincent (St. Vincent de Paul Camp) is a not-for-profit residential camp. We accept all campers from all walks of life, regardless of social, financial, or faith backgrounds. We are a traditional residential camp offering typical and traditional quality outdoor based activities and age and developmentally appropriate programming, fuelled by our passionate, dedicated, and creative staff!

Our activities offer plenty of opportunities for campers to make friends with children their age. As campers increase in age, our opportunities for leadership skill development increase as well.  When campers are 14-15 yrs, they are able to participate in our Counsellors In Training Program which affords the opportunity to mentor younger campers in a variety of Activities.

We have a comprehensive set of Facilities while striving to maintain a traditional more rugged outdoor camp atmosphere. We have running water, showers, flush toilets, indoor dining hall and recreational areas, a pool, canoeing pond, basketball court, and plenty of outdoor green space! Camp Vincent is also privileged to have a large wooded area on our 69 acre property which is the source for many games, activities, camping, and nature exploration.

In addition to our facilities and activities, a large integral part of our camp are our weekly themes. Each week is centred around a specific theme, storyline, and characters which drives the week’s traditional and non-traditional activities. In addition to their traditional activities such as arts, canoeing, and sports, campers will also be able to experience a variety of unique games created by our programming staff.

The programming experience can be equated to a theatrical play, with a full cast and characters. However, contrary to the theatre where the audience simply watches, your child will be a part of the story, fully interacting with the characters along with the rest of the camp. The end goal is to motivate campers to help progress and resolve the storylines of that week! No two weeks ever contain the same stories as they are often driven by the actions of the campers who participate! Interactive programming is by far one of the most attractive aspects at Camp Vincent; you would be hardpressed to find another camp that immerses campers into an imaginative world in quite the same way!

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Camp Vincent, 15142 Longwoods Rd. Bothwell, ON N0P1C0 (226)626-3137

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